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Teaching the essentials

Child-to-Teacher Ratio

Three Years Old to Four Years Old | 1 Teacher: 15 Children
Four Years Old to Five Years Old | 1 Teacher: 18 Children

Our Pre-School and Pre-K classrooms are an invaluable tool that will give the students the opportunity to learn through a variety of stimulating, hands-on experiences, all designed to promote and support their development and growth. We have several different learning centers that encourage children to be creative and to have fun while working in small groups. Learning centers promote cooperation and allows children to make decisions about how they’d like to learn and play. The classroom space is divided into different Learning Centers such as Language and Circle Time, Blocks and Creativity and Art. Each center invites your child to marvel at and explore the wonders of the world around him. No matter which area captures your child’s interest on a particular day, he or she will be developing important skills. Our Learning Centers include Circle Time, Arts, Music, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Math and Science.

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