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Our school, a great place for learning
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In 2007, Red Apple Preschool and Childcare was bought by Mr.Syed and Mrs. Rahima, who then with great consideration appointed Mrs. Debra Gonzalez as the center’s director. The programs offered at our center aim to provide children with an environment in which they can flourish independently. We offer several headstart programs according to their appropriate age group that nurtures a child’s desire to learn from the world around them. Our curriculum focuses on developing our student’s cognitive, numeral, writing, social and other important and necessary skills.

Our center director, Mrs. Debra, has over 21 years of experience under her belt in childcare. She has a warm and loving heart and is always trying her best to help anyone in need.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to recreating a safe haven for all of our children and their families away from their homes; a place of joy, learning, and laughter and trying our best to give every child a strong foundation upon which they can grow to be kind and smart individuals.

Our Vision

We envision an environment where children can learn freely, interact with children their age, and discover their capabilities. We hope to be a trusted school where parents can leave their children with faith and confidence.

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