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Handling babies with love and care

Infant-to-Teacher Ratio

6-Week-Olds to a Year | 1 Teacher: 4 Infants
One year old to 18 months | 1 Teacher: 5 Infants

We are committed to making the first transition away from home easy for both the parents and their little one. Our Infant Room is bright and cheerful, with an open play area that provides a safe space for babies to play, explore and grow. It is designed so that it allows the teachers to have a full view of all the children in their care.

Soft edges make for a safer environment for young crawlers as they learn to walk and discover the world around them. Age-appropriate developmental toys and materials fill the play area and are placed at the child’s level so they can reach with ease. Every child has a designated space to hold personal items and supplies. Toys are sanitized continuously throughout the day and sheets are routinely washed.

Our loving team of teachers truly considers caring for each infant to be a privilege and have great respect for the parent partnership. Our experienced, well-qualified loving teachers work hard to develop an individualized routine that works well for each child, to respond promptly to the infants’ changing needs and to keep parents informed every step of the way. Daily reports accurately summarize all feedings, diaper changes, rest periods and activity interests which they will receive at the end of the day. We hope you’ll take advantage of everything that our center’s Infant Program has to offer.

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